Mirroring and failover service for traffic

Load Management for high performance applications

Cloud with load balancer & clustering

Achieve high availability and build your own web cluster without burning your entire hosting budget

Load Balancing & Clustering Server

Simply add load balancing to your current multiple server configuration in order to achieve high availability and build your own web cluster without burning your entire hosting budget. Load balancing can be implemented quickly and easily as an add-on to your current server solution to share the load between your web servers, using a simple script to replicate the data on the servers.

Our load balancers use adaptive algorithms to optimize and delegate resources between Cloud Servers. We will constantly measure concurrent users/connections and processor utilization to make the best use of your resources. For example, when "Cloud Server A" gets overloaded or becomes unavailable for any reason, the load balancer automatically directs users to "Cloud Server B". This process helps ensure redundancy and failover, which can make load balancing an important asset in business continuity plans.

Load balancing is recommended (and sometimes necessary) for small or medium-sized businesses that:

  • Provide Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Provide mission-critical systems such as medical applications, document management systems, intranets and portals, and social communities
  • Experience significant, unpredictable traffic spikes due to marketing, seasonality, or regular daily activity
  • Provides up to 200 Mbps throughput scalable up to 4Gbps
  • Provides SSL acceleration, compression, and caching

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