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CtrlS provides solutions that enable business and technology decision makers to profit from the shift of content and advertising to the online world, the explosive growth of mobile and connected devices, and the migration of IT applications and services into the cloud. CtrlS's customers use its massively scalable software services that engage audiences, enhance brand presence, analyze viewer preferences, optimize advertising, manage and monetize digital assets, and ultimately help build stronger customer relationships.

Through our network of trusted partners, CtrlS is able to extend its products and reach into new geographic and vertical markets around the globe, delivering brilliant digital experiences to audiences everywhere. CtrlS categorizes its products into two key silos: (1) Core Services and (2) Value Added Services:

Core Services Value Added Services
Delivery Services Web Acceleration Services
Delivery Enhancements Video Platform
Stream Anywhere Mobility Services
  Global Services

Download Any Size: We provide downloads (both complete and progressive) of objects of all sizes -videos, music, images, games, software downloads - using HTTP delivery. Availability occurs over CtrlS private, dedicated network lowering the cost of delivery for the customer—passing on the savings to you.

Stream Anywhere: We have a specialized, comprehensive delivery service for streaming media, both live and on-demand. CtrlS also facilitates content delivery via multiple methods, delivery channels, and formats, allowing customers to identify and implement the solution that’s right for their business. Our CDN is ideal for streaming movies, videos, breaking news and music, offering a variety of formats to choose from including Windows Media, Smooth Streaming, Flash, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, RealPlayer, QuickTime, and MP3.

CtrlS Reach: Because audiences are increasingly using mobile as a delivery method, and with the proliferation of mobile devices and mobile applications, it can be very difficult for content providers to keep up. Customers face multiple challenges including understanding best practices, selecting a good vendor, supporting multiple platforms and creating friendly user interfaces. CtrlS CDN offering includes a series of services:

  • Video: Extends a customer’s video content to the growing universe of mobile devices. CtrlS Reach Video works with the publisher’s existing online video production workflow. By creating a single, Universal URL, CtrlS CDN Video makes the customer’s media available through mobile apps and web pages. When a user requests media, Reach detects the requesting device and dynamically delivers the optimal media for the device.
  • Ads: Provides dynamic mobile ad insertion capabilities. CtrlS CDN Ads features server-side intelligence to manage pre-roll and post-roll video ads. Administrators may change ads dynamically and even rotate multiple campaigns and advertisers within the same segment. The cross-platform service easily integrates with leading publishing systems.
  • CDN Interactive: Offers both pre-roll and post-roll in-stream clickable ads that open to coordinated landing pages. Video playback can be paused while the consumer interacts with the associated landing page. It also provides unskippable ads so that customers may disable playback controls while pre/post-roll ads are playing. Rich analytics are captured using Reach Interactive so that user behavior and video playback actions can be analyzed. Reach Interactive is easy to integrate using native-code components for iOS and Android environments minimizing integration points with application logic. CDN Interactive offers client-side components for iOS and Android applications as well as server-side extensions to the Reach service. Reach Interactive enables clickable, unskippable video ads.

Web Acceleration Services: CtrlS CDN Accelerate allows your users fast interaction with the content on your site. It improves the end-user’s experience and negates costly IT build outs and offers a series of acceleration services to accommodate your business needs. The service is optimized for small content objects with options available for different delivery regions, security requirements, content types (static or dynamic) and SLA requirements. With the CtrlS CDN suite of Web Acceleration Services, customers can bypass the congestion of the public Internet to improve end-user experience, reduce site abandonment and increase online transactions.

  • CDN Accelerate: A solution designed to support dynamic Web and mobile sites incorporating frontend acceleration, network acceleration and global caching via a SaaS model.
  • CDN Accelerate Express: A SaaS solution that optimizes the presentation layer of Web and mobile sites by transparently optimizing the last mile - - the end user's browser experience.

CDN Video Platform: Our Video Platform offers a complete end-to-end solution for customers’ online video management workflows. It is a scalable, cloud-based platform utilizing rich APIs. The Video Platform solution makes it possible for any organization to realize the potential of online video. It is a complete plug-and-play solution to manage, publish, measure and monetize video on the web. All services are delivered to customers through the power of cloud computing via a hosted, on-demand browser-based application along with a scalable, reliable and robust distribution network. We know our customers have varying needs and therefore we have created three packages based on size/scope:

  • Professional: Our Professional package offers 5 user accounts, 50 GBs of managed video and 400 GBs of platform usage. This package also includes the media management console, geographic and advanced engagement metrics, RSS and iTunes syndication, external publishing to YouTube, closed captioning and more.
  • Premier: Our Premiere package provides customers with 15 user accounts, 150 GBs of managed video and 900 GBs of platform usage. The Premier package includes all of the Professional package features plus custom metadata properties, advanced chromeless player, advanced security with RTMPe, content API access, and analytics API access.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise package, our largest in the offering, includes 30 user accounts, 250 GBs of managed video and 1,500 GBs of platform usage. In addition to the features found in our Professional and Premier packages, the Enterprise package includes live streaming, innovative search inside and visual heat map functionality, player API access, mobile API for iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Agile Storage: Our Agile Storage is designed to support large libraries and is capable of leveraging workflow policies to route and store large object libraries across a multitude of global storage locations. Agile Storage supports multiple copies of the customer’s digital assets and a wide variety of upload protocols. Agile Storage also offers a global storage footprint with multiple replication policies via a single user account. More importantly, Agile Storage ensures there is no single point of failure.

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VPS customer spotlight

Thanks to CtrlS for it's Cloud VPS which is a Scalable Virtual Private Server with self-healing architecture, unlimited upgrade and flexible payment option.
Abdul Azeez
Mr.P.Abdul AzeezCEO, Shanshin SoftechCtrlS customer since 2011
Migration to Cloud VPS was made so easy by CtrlS. Everything was installed and set up without any problems, most important thing is without any downtime they did. Prompt, efficient service, good customer communication.
NVK Raju
NVVK Raju CEO, Seventeen NetworksCtrlS customer since 2012
We often use the Real Cloud for quickly deploying testing environments for our clients’ websites. CtrlS’ wide choice of stacks and instant deployment makes this a piece of cake.
Ashok Gupta
Ashok GuptaBusiness Head, AircelCtrlS customer since 2009

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