Extreme High Performance Dedicated Servers

Fine-tuned to every last detail, our dedicated serverswill take your apps and websites to a whole new level

Choose from a wide range of dedicated server hosting configurations customized to suit your business needs & budgets

Dedicated Server Hosting

top-notch performance and value for money

  • Power DedicatedServers

    Power Dedicated Servers

    Latest generation E5 Intel Multi-Processor Servers. Best suited for applications which need high end & powerful computing.

  • Offer Dedicated Servers

    Value Servers

    Value Dedicated Servers can be useed for hosting websites, database servers and application servers. You may customize plans as per your business needs.

  • Managed Virtualization Servers

    Mass Storage Servers

    Low cost storage servers to meet your offsite data protection, archival storage to meet your bulk storage requirements.

  • US Servers

    US Servers

    HP/Dell based servers starting from quadcore to RAID specially suited for high performance applications and solutions.

  • Dedicated server hosting

    Load Balancer, Cluster and Firewall

    Mirroring and failover service for traffic and load management on high-performance sites and server applications.

    pricing as perrequirements

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a few of our more recognizable clients

  • Aircel
  • Marriott
  • Verizon
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Bajaj | Allianz