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Enterprise Cloud

Employing VMWare-based solutions for security as a top priority

how much will the enterprise cloud cost me?

Estimated cost per month (INR)

2268.00(Exclusive of all taxes)
  • Processing units
    progress 01 24
    01 CPUs
  • RAM (GB)
    progress 1 32
    1 GB
  • Disk space (GB)
    progress 50 1000
    50 GB
  • Network transfer (GB)
    progress 50 1000
    50 GB
Wolla! You have 50 GB FREE network transfer bandwidth each month. Every additional GB costs Rs. 5.0
Datacenter location (How is this important?)

Estimated monthlycost (INR)

2268.00(Exclusive of all taxes)
  • 1 Core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 50 GB HDD
  • 50 GB B/W
  • 50 GB Backup Space
  • 1 IP

Monthly cost (INR)

  • 2 Core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 100 GB HDD
  • 100 GB B/W
  • 100 GB Backup Space
  • 2 IP

Monthly cost (INR)

  • 3 Core
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 150 GB HDD
  • 150 GB B/W
  • 150 GB Backup Space
  • 2 IP

Monthly cost (INR)

  • 4 Core
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 200 GB HDD
  • 200 GB B/W
  • 200 GB Backup Space
  • 2 IP

Monthly cost (INR)


frequently asked questions

  • I want to scale my plan, what do I need to do?

    For our Cloud VPS, you may contact the account manager for assistance. For Real cloud, you may do this from within your control panel itself, pay the invoice and have the resources scaled immediately. You are welcome to reach your account managers anytime you wish to.

  • How do I transfer my hosting services from my existing service provider to you?

    You would first have to sign up for our services. Once the invoice is paid, your virtual machine will be provisioned. You may then login to your virtual machine and restore the back-up from your previous server.

  • What are the backup management tools that you provide?

    A cron job can be setup on linux virtual machines and a scheduled task can be setup on windows virtual machines for backups to be taken. These backup files will be stored within the VM's. CtrlS also has a separate product offering called Online Data Assurance which gives you an agent based back-up facility. Please see Backup & Storage Plans for details or contact our Sales Team for more details.

  • Do you support streaming video?

    As a concept, streaming can and is supported on cloud. However, this completely depends on the size of each video / multimedia file which is going to be streamed, the number of concurrent visitors and the resources available on the virtual machine.

  • How many mails I can send in an hour?

    Currently, on our cloud services, we allow 500 mails to be sent in a day. There is no hourly limitation. We have counting systems which check the outbount mail activity and automatically stops sending once the limit is reached for the day.

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This guarantee is only for the virtual machine. For details please go through our Billing Guidelines Page.

  • How do I submit a ticket?

    You can email CtrlS Support directly from your email address. You shall get an auto response back with a service request (SR) number

  • Do you offer managed VPS and Dedicated Servers?

    Please visit our VPS Page and our Dedicated Servers Page.You may contact your account manager or email Sales Team for further details.

  • Have more questions?

    Our support team is available 24/7 and usually responds in well under an hour. Send a mail to our Support Team.

VPS customer spotlight

Thanks to CtrlS for it's Cloud VPS which is a Scalable Virtual Private Server with self-healing architecture, unlimited upgrade and flexible payment option.
Abdul Azeez
Mr.P.Abdul AzeezCEO, Shanshin SoftechCtrlS customer since 2011
Migration to Cloud VPS was made so easy by CtrlS. Everything was installed and set up without any problems, most important thing is without any downtime they did. Prompt, efficient service, good customer communication.
NVK Raju
NVVK Raju CEO, Seventeen NetworksCtrlS customer since 2012
We often use the Real Cloud for quickly deploying testing environments for our clients’ websites. CtrlS’ wide choice of stacks and instant deployment makes this a piece of cake.
Ashok Gupta
Ashok GuptaBusiness Head, AircelCtrlS customer since 2009

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