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OS Management

DB Management

Network Management

Managed Security services

Monitoring Services

SAP Management

OS Management

Configuration and Tuning of OS

CtrlS will install and configure the operating system along with partition and user information.

Hardening of Operating System

Latest security patches and updates along with right user control access will be done for your operating system.

Run Security Scan on Servers before commissioning

Security Scan will be done along with the latest version of antivirus to ensure that no threat sneaks into your system.

24*7 Proactive Monitoring of all the Servers in scope

Continuous Port Monitoring and ping monitoring will ensure that instant email alerts are generated in case of any issue.

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DB Management

Database Installation, Configuration & Troubleshooting

Database Installation, Administration, Management and Upgrade.

Installing Security Patches

Security administration and maintenance for all databases Object creation and management.

Database Tuning

Optimized to use the systems and resources efficiently to get the best performance.

Backup & Restoration

Complete, incremental and differential backup and restoration when required.

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Network Management

Real time Latency Monitoring Tool

CtrlS in house developed innovative tool will give real time information on managing latency and network connectivity issues better by identifying the root cause instantly.

DDOS protected bandwidth

Protect against regular DDOS attacks on your sites resulting in better availability. Option to subscribe for hardware based DDOS protection as a service.

Real time Monitoring of bandwidth usage

URL based monitoring giving trends on peak and average bandwidth usage. Select shared or dedicated bandwidth based on usage.

Multilayer configuration of devices

Configure and run multitier environments with Load balancing, Firewalls with for high availability and better security. Create and manage private multi gig networks. etc.

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Managed Security services

Real time monitoring

All events and incident management including health of application monitored on multiple parameters.

Compliance Auditing & Reporting

Automated compliance reports once in a month including details of security concerns & health review.

Proactive mitigation of security threats

Detailed log correlation with SIEM and log analyser to mitigate attacks before they happen.

SOC Monitoring

Highest levels of security through a 24X7 Security operations center which ensures peace of mind for CISO.

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Monitoring Services

Monitor more than 175 apps with 3000+ parameters

Operating System, Middleware, Database, Email, ERP and many more categories of apps can be monitored. An intuitive dashboard and easy to choose options will help you get started in minutes.

Deep monitoring including services

Gain Deep visibility into the actual versus expected performance of your apps, databases,etc. by defining and measuring multiple parameters. This will help you optimize and benchmark better.

SMS and email alerts for instant action

Hundreds of alerts are generated based on the threshold and parameters defined by the customer for the various web apps and databases.

Automated ticket generation and proactive resolution

All alerts are automatically checked and investigated by CtrlS. In case of unusual behaviour the customer will get a call from the support team to check and resolve the issue.

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SAP Management

Wide choice of application stacks

Get the coolest range of OS and open source application stacks, all deployable instantly on our premium hardware.

Hardware on-demand

Seamlessly add CPUs, memory, bandwidth and disk space as your requirements scale.

Matchless connectivity

HP-UX, AIX, Windows Server, Linux - Installation Setup, Upgrades, Filesystem Management



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