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Choose from a wide range of cabinet space we offer. 10 GBPS Bandwidth Connectivity from all the major Telco’s in India.

24 x 7 x 365 monitoring by industry certified on-site staff.

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Quarter Rack Hosting

  • 10
  • 2
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • On Demand
  • 1 KW
  • Yes
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Half Rack Hosting

  • 21
  • 4
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • On Demand
  • 1.5 KW
  • Yes
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Full Rack Hosting

  • 42
  • 4
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • On Demand
  • 3 KW
  • Yes
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CtrlS Datacenters provides full racks or full cabinets of colocation space from within our Rated 4 Datacenters at Hyderabad & Mumbai. Customers can colocate their IT infrastructure using one or more full cabinets or racks. Our data centers at Hyderabad & Mumbai are engineered with N + N Redundant UPS systems and generator backups in order to deliver the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Our full rack or full cabinet colocation customers will receive a full cabinet of colocation space and based on customer requirements, CtrlS Colocation Services in India will provide high end power circuits to the colocation space. Furthermore, CtrlS colocation servers would be provided with bandwidth from more than 5 Telecom companies to each of the rack/cabinet.

Reap the benefits that make our Rated 4 data center among the most lauded in the country by shipping your servers to be hosted in our data center. Our racks are hosted in an environment that is the most optimal for their longevity and for network security.

  • Rack with specified steady state power consumption – from 2KW to 24KW
  • Includes standard 19”, 42U rack with dual power supply,
  • Precision cooling (20C (+/-) 2C) with humidity control
  • Options for backup/recovery and L2 services available
  • Bandwidth billing models: Burstable, Blended and Capped
  • Rack level STS or stand-alone STS available at extra cost
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a few of our more recognizable clients

  • Marriott
  • Verizon
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Bajaj | Allianz