Our Service Level Agreement

At CtrlS, we have servers which cater to any and every possible need. Ranging from hosting websites, database servers, application servers or heavy traffic forums and social media platforms, we have the server configuration for you.

Service Level Agreement

This Agreement is effective the date on which Order Processing Form (OPF) is placed and Customer accepts the terms as mentioned in the Master Service Agreement (MSA) and this Service Level Agreement (SLA) which forms part of the OPF. This Agreement is between CtrlS hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider” and the Customer, and is valid for a term as stated in the OPF. The terms of this Agreement shall apply only to those Services which are referred in the OPF and any Supplemental Services agreed by both the Parties.

This Agreement provides the right - under certain circumstances specified below, for a Customer to receive Services Credits in the event of failure to provide Services by the Service Provider to the Customer as mentioned in OPF in accordance with (i) the MSA, (ii) Service Provider’s AUP and (iii) this SLA, each of which is incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof (collectively the "Documents")

Service Provider and the Customer shall be referred collectively as “Parties”. Unless the context otherwise requires, all capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings as found in MSA. Other terms may be defined elsewhere in the text of this Agreement and, unless otherwise indicated, shall have such meaning throughout this Agreement. All capitalized terms used in this Agreement defined in the MSA and the OPF and not defined hereunder shall have the same meaning as defined in the MSA or the OPF. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement with respect to the Services to be provided by Service Provider to Customer, subject to mutual approval.

Customer acknowledges that the Service Provider has the expertise and knowledge for providing the Services as mentioned in the OPF. The Customer has shown his interest in availing the Services provided by Service Provider by completing the OPF by accepting the terms, conditions as mentioned in the MSA and the standard of the Service as provided in this SLA.

Service Provider agrees to provide the services to Customer as detailed in OPF for an Initial Period as mentioned in OPF and for said period the Customer has agreed to pay the amount as agreed in the OPF.

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