Mumbai DataCenters

Experience the unparalleled advantages of colocating at Mumbai’s largest data center campus that offers seamless scalability for your evolving needs.

Mumbai Datacenters

Experience the unparalleled advantages of colocating at Mumbai’s largest data center campus that offers seamless scalability for your evolving needs.

Sustainable, AI-Optimized and Cloud-Ready
Data Centers

With nine cable landing stations, Mumbai is on the forefront of India’s global connectivity. CtrlS’ has an extensive presence in Mumbai through it’s hyperscale data center campus, that houses 5 data center buildings, with additional 6 upcoming data centers. CtrlS Mumbai Data Center Campus is the largest data center campus in Mumbai to use 50% of its energy from renewal sources.

Meticulously engineered, to accommodate liquid cooling racks – designed to optimize performance and energy efficiency, catering to the demanding workloads of AI applications.
Green Power
Embrace sustainability with our commitment to green power, where renewable energy sources drive our operations, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.
Water Recycling
Our data centers feature advanced water recycling systems, demonstrating our dedication to environmentally conscious practices and responsible resource management.
9-Layer Security
Stay assured with our robust 9-layer security protocols, providing comprehensive protection for your critical data and ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
Carrier Neutral
Enjoy the flexibility and choice of connectivity providers with our carrier-neutral and redundant interconnectivity system.

Explore our Navi Mumbai Datacenters

Strategic Locations, Expanding Capacity and Speed to Market

Mumbai DC1

No of Racks 3,740 | Structure: B1+G+6+Terrace
Power Capacity 20 MW | Security Level Eight Zone

Mumbai DC2

No of Racks 1,851 | Structure: G+11+Terrace
Power Capacity 16 MW | Security Level Eight Zone

Mumbai DC3

No of Racks 1,045 | Structure: G+6+Terrace
Power Capacity 10 MW | Security Level Eight Zone

Mumbai DC4

No of Racks 3,008 | Structure: LG+G+7+Terrace
Power Capacity 36.75 MW | Security Level Eight Zone

Rated 4 Facility | Floors: LG+G+7 + Terrace | Capacity: 30 MW IT Load | Substation: 220 KV GIS substation | Security: 9 zone security

Going Live May 2024

Strategic Location

Conveniently accessible by all transport modes – Map Location


Secure location


Say goodbye to lost revenue, lost customers, poor productivity or damage to your brand because of downtime and data loss. Scalable, ready-to-deploy private cloud architecture that comes to the rescue at every turn.

  • Asia’s largest Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) Power sub-station.
  • 300MW capacity, scalable up to 700MW
  • 100% power availability
  • Protection from extreme weather
  • Service life of over 50 years

Dual Power Sources

  • N+1/ N+N Active feeds

DG & UPS Backup 

  • N+N redundancy
  • Carrier Neutral Datacenter
  • Access to multiple connectivity and cloud service providers
  • Diversified path for fiber entrance
  • Access to multiple internet exchanges

Zone 1-2: Controlled gate, fortified Walls, 24X7 Security, turnstile, Crash barriers, under vehicle scanning system (UVSS)

Zone 3-8: Metal Detectors, Baggage scanners

Zone 9: eliminates tail-gating, Tubestile, Biometric access

Detection: VESDA systems

Suppression: Pre-action sprinkler, gas suppression

Safety: 2-hour fire-rated doors, decentralized monitoring

Comprehensive range of Services

Monitoring, disaster recovery to SD WAN and other interconnectivity services, you can leverage our wide range of industry leading services