Secure & Low Latency Access to GCP with Google Cloud Interconnect

Simplify how your business accesses Google Cloud Platform. Leverage a one-stop solution that combines seamless direct connectivity, high performance, unmatched reliability, low-latency and secure access.

Seamless. Effortless. Limitless.

CtrlS is an authorized service provider for Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI). This partnership empowers businesses to effortlessly establish secure, scalable, and cost-effective links to Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

CtrlS Cloud Connect serves as a single-point gateway to the Google Cloud ecosystem. It enables enterprises establish a dedicated, private connection to Google Cloud Interconnect from CtrlS datacenter.

Unlock a host of benefits

By leveraging CtrlS Cloud Connect, enterprises get seamless access to a range of Google Cloud Interconnect features that enhance connectivity between on-premise infrastructure and the Google Cloud Platform.  

Dedicated & Private Connections

Establish dedicated and private connections between on-premises infra and GCP, ensuring secure and reliable connectivity.

Low-Latency & High Bandwidth

Get low-latency connections for workloads that require real-time responsiveness, while seamlessly transferring large volumes of data.


Get scalability that adapts to evolving workloads and data transfer needs of your business.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Facilitate hybrid cloud deployments by seamlessly integrating on-premises infrastructure with Google Cloud resources.

VLAN Support

Enhance network security and segmentation by isolating communication between different entities through VLAN support.

Traffic Engineering

Optimise network traffic to manage and control the flow of data between on-premises and cloud environments efficiently.

Secure Data Transfer

Ensure secure data transfer and achieve compliance through encrypted connections

Monitoring and Management

Get monitoring and management tools to track network performance, diagnose issues, and manage network configurations effectively.

Choice of connections that meet your needs

Dedicated Interconnect

Get a direct physical connection between your on-premises network and Google's network.

Dedicated Port | Layer 2 Network | 10G / 100G Speed

Partner Interconnect

Establish connectivity between your on-premises and VPC networks through a supported service provider.

Shared Port | Layer 3 & 2 Network | 50,100, 200, 300, 500, 1G and 10G Speed Support

Built for multiple use cases

Enterprises across industries can harness CtrlS Cloud Connect for Google Cloud Interconnect, and optimise every layer of their operations. Here are some of the key use cases.

Why choose CtrlS Cloud Connect for Google Cloud Interconnect?

Expertise in Cloud Connectivity

Reduce IT infrastructure costs by outsourcing management tasks, eliminating the need for a large in-house IT team.

Optimised Performance Architecture

An optimised performance architecture to maximise speed, minimise latency, and ensure superior performance.

Robust and Reliable Connectivity

A stable and resilient network connection to minimise the risk of downtime and ensuring uninterrupted access.

Scalability & Flexibility

Get scalable solutions for your specific data transfer and connectivity needs and flexibility that adapts the evolving nature of your business.

Security-Centric Approach

Regular monitoring of bandwidth usage, CPU, and memory usage, with the generation of performance reports to keep clients informed about their infrastructure's health.

24/7 Support and Monitoring

Gain proactive support for prompt detection and resolution of issues for uninterrupted operations.