Patna Data Center

CtrlS Patna edge datacenter supports the region’s increasing digital transformation needs, powering its growth as a key digital hub in eastern India.


Sustainable, AI-Optimized and Cloud-Ready Data centers

CtrlS Patna edge datacenter is engineered for low latency and high performance, offering businesses secure, scalable, and efficient data solutions. With industry-leading operational practices, the facility enables businesses with unmatched uptime and reliability. 

3-Layer Security
Stay assured with our robust 3-layer security protocols, providing comprehensive protection for your critical data and ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
Carrier Neutral
Enjoy the flexibility and choice of connectivity providers with our carrier-neutral and redundant interconnectivity system.


  • Location: Patliputra Industrial Area
  • Floors: 1 Floor
  • No of Racks: 109 Racks Capacity
  • Capacity: 0.75 MW IT Load
  • Area: 9,000 sq. ft
  • Security: 3 Zone Security

Strategic Location

Conveniently accessible by all transport modes.


Secure location


Say goodbye to lost revenue, lost customers, poor productivity or damage to your brand because of downtime and data loss. Scalable, ready-to-deploy private cloud architecture that comes to the rescue at every turn.

Dual Power Sources

  • N+1 Active feeds


  • N+1 Redundancy
  • Carrier neutral datacenter
  • Access to multiple connectivity and cloud service providers
  • Diversified path for fiber entrance
  • Access to multiple internet exchanges
  •  Armed guards with 24/7 patrols & inspections
  • Secure perimeter wall and access-controlled entries.
  • Biometric control for critical and non-critical areas.
  • Antipas back access system in the datacenter.
  • Vehicle access controlled with barricades and HHMD.
  • Night vision cameras for monitoring all areas.
  • PTZ cameras for comprehensive video surveillance.
  • Equipped with lightning protection with dedicated earth pit & redundant earthing paths.
  • FM 200 Gas Fire Suppression system for Server Hall, UPS room, Battery Room & MMRs with 100% redundancy (N+N).
  • Portable fire extinguishers are strategically placed throughout the raised floor and utility rooms

Comprehensive range of Services

Monitoring, disaster recovery to SD WAN and other interconnectivity services, you can leverage our wide range of industry leading services


Building 600 MW capacity of
AI and cloud-ready datacenters
Time-optimized design for
3x faster building construction
Creating captive green power infrastructure
to lower PUE and costs
Total ownership from design to operate
allows you to get to market sooner